Agrícola La Portera | Cariñena

Agrícola de Vinos La Portera is a small project founded in 2017 by Jorge Navascués and Javier del Blanco, who were shortly after joined by another friend, Francisco Santiso, to share their passion and knowledge in the wine industry.

Jorge was practically born under a grapevine: he is the third generation of winemakers in his family from Aragón, while in  Requena, his family have been winegrowers for four generations.  

After years of extensive experience advising and managing other wineries operations,  Jorge, Javier and Francisco realized they were looking for something more personal. It was a natural transition for them to establish their own production holding in which they could put their principles to work. Today, they split their time between working separately for some of the most prestigious  estates in Spain, while running their own project. 

Seeing the great potential of a vineyard of Bobal grapes in his family’s tiny village of La Portera  (Valencia) -their project’s namesake -  they launched their initial release of La  Pinada (2017), which received accolades and high scores from some international wine  critics and was the catalyst for future endeavors.

Inspired by a sense of rediscovery, Jorge, Javier and Francisco easily found a couple of parcels of Garnacha  tracing Jorge’s roots back home near Cariñena (Aragón) to produce a second wine in  2019: Tardano.  

Agrícola La Portera is committed not only to dignify the native varieties Bobal and Garnacha, but also  to finding the right combination of vine, soil, and climate for each wine. Their  goal is to  make fresh, distinctive wines with a true sense of place. Wines that will honor their origins,  crafted in the most transparent way possible, expressing the purity of the grape variety  and the distinctive flavor of the landscape in which they are grown.

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