A R T U K E · Rioja Alavesa


Arturo de Miguel Blanco

"There is still a lot of work to be done."

Brothers Arturo and Kike Miguel de Blanco were born into the vineyard. Their family had given its soul to growing vines in Rioja for nearly a century when, in 1991, their parents founded Artuke Bodegas y Viñedos in the small town of Baños de Ebro, Álava. In 2005 the brothers assumed responsibility for the winery, elevating its ambition and expanding its portfolio of wines. The results have been a deeply personal statement of their vision. They are driven by excellence. “There still is a lot of work to be done,” says Arturo.

Artuke represents the new generation of Rioja, but is guided by tradition. They believe in non-interventionism, biodynamic practices and manual harvesting. And Artuke is one of only a few producers in Rioja who stomp their grapes by foot in fermenting vats. The practice helps create the full body and seductive mouth feel of Artuke’s profound village wines: its singular Artuke Carbonic Maceration (“CM”), Pies Rotos, Finca de los Locos, La Condenada, El Escolladero, and Paso de las Manas.

The vineyard sits in the rarified terroir of the Rioja Alavesa, which helps imparts to Artuke’s wines a kind of beautiful balance and finesse (but also full body) not often found in the wines of Rioja. Artuke wines are sophisticated but also refreshingly down-to-earth. “We are from a very small peasant town and very proud to be,” says Arturo.

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