Castell d'Encús | Costers del Segre


Raül Bobet

"An act of humility."

You can tell a lot about a winemaker not only by what he puts in the bottle but what he puts on the label. And the names that Raül Bobet chose for his wines open a window on his philosophy. “Taleia” comes from the Catalan word for obsessive commitment. “Ekam” means unity of the Gods. “Thalarn” was the medieval village south of Castell d’Encús in the Costers del Segre region in the northwest corner of Spain.

Obsessive. A Zen-like belief in the unity of art and science. The primacy of geography. These lie at the core of Raül’s success in turning out sophisticated wines that express a purity of fruit and concentrated intensity balanced by fresh acidity and elegance. “Castell d’Encús is the result of my love for agriculture and the enjoyment of the challenge of pursuing my own vision,” he says. “It’s a true quest for knowledge and an act of humility in front of mother nature.”

Raül has a Ph.D. in chemistry, but he is no technocrat. The profound marriage of intuition and science and a sense of discovery distinguishes his portfolio, which includes a Syrah (Thalarn), a Riesling (Ekam) and a Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon blend (Taleia), Bordeaux blend (Quest), Pinot Noir (Acusp), and an ancestral sparkling (Taika). Sitting in the shadow of the Pyrenees, the high elevation of Castell d’Encús has created a unique microclimate and soil that are unmistakable in the bottle. Taste the wines. You’ll know immediately that they are one of a kind.

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