Coto de Gomariz | Ribeiro


Ricardo Carreiro and Xosé Lois Sebio

The northwestern Spanish wine production zone of Ribeiro is undergoing a renaissance. One of the vanguard producers of this movement is the Bodega of Coto de Gomariz located in the Avia valley in the autonomous community of Galicia. A unique microclimate that is influenced by both Atlantic and Continental factors allows the region’s native grapes to fully ripen and develop a floral, aromatic complexity while keeping the mouthwatering freshness that Galician wines are known for.

Coto de Gomariz was created in 1978 by the Carreiro family. They began the area’s resurgence by recovering a vineyard that Cistercian monks had established in the 10th century. Today, they own close to 70 acres of vineyards. Coto de Gomariz winemaker Xosé Lois Sebio is one of the most admired and exciting names in Ribeiro. He employs both organic and biodynamic viticulture practices in the vineyards and all wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts.

Shisteous, granitic, and sandy soils, steep slopes, tiny yields, a unique microclimate, and the farming of the native red and white grapes of the region has allowed Coto de Gomariz to produce some of the most distinctive and expressive wines in Ribeiro.

Galicia is one of the few oceanic climate production zones with a wealth of native grapes used in their wine. These varieties are so well-suited to their unique environment you rarely see them used elsewhere. Indeed, you’re likely never going to see a supermarket sign pointing you to the huge selection of Sousón or Ferrol-based wines. Because of Galicia’s landscape of mountains and sea, the cuisine is broad and diverse. As such, the region’s wines pair well with a myriad of dishes, from fish to fowl to filet.

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