Valldolina | Cava / Penedès / Massís del Garraf


Raimon Badell

“Wines that show intimacy.” 

Geography is destiny in the world of wine. And when you combine visionary winemakers with a prestigious address, the results defy description. Cava VallDolina from Masia Can Tutusaus exists in its own rarified territory, a city upon a hill in the world of Spanish sparkling wine. Winemaker Raimon Badell is blessed — by geography, skill and the soul of artistry.

Of all the areas in Penedès producing the classic Cava grapes, only the mountainous terrain in Massís del Garraf, the home of Masia Can Tutusaus, offers the cooling significance of a higher altitude that nurtures a higher acidity in the grapes. The result is a very crisp, highly floral and uncommonly fresh Cava. Of course, the wine cannot make itself. This is where Raimon makes his mark.

Raimon grew up in the wine business and believes in making contemporary wines that respect Mediterranean culture without becoming a slave to the past. He respects Mother Nature and, above all, he respects the vines and the soil. “I am spiritually connected with my plants,” says Raimon. “My soul is in each wine I make. It’s about making wines that show intimacy.”

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