‘You’re wrong about Barcelona, because you may think you’ve seen everything, but I can guarantee that’s not true. If you’ll allow me, I can prove it to you.’

This is an excerpt from Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s 2001 novel ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, but as a native of Catalunya, I am more than ready to prove that Barcelona remains a global epicenter for culture, gastronomy, and of course, wine. 

I founded VIN°VI & Co. in 2010 with the goal of importing top wines from small Catalan producers with whom I share personal relationships. These wines were originally intended to highlight the diversity and beauty of my birthplace, and the breadth has since grown to include producers from all of Spain as well as Southern France (Catalogne Nord).

In April 2024, I am thrilled to showcase these wines while hosting our second annual Catalan Wine Week, which has quickly morphed into Catalan Wine Month. Throughout the month of April, dinners, tastings, and events will shine a spotlight on the visionary Catalan winemakers that will always be the lifeblood of my portfolio.

Catalan Wine Week is designed to coincide with the annual observance of La Diada de Sant Jordi, a day in which we Catalans honor our patron saint, St. George (of dragon-slaying fame). But in Barcelona, and throughout the autonomous community of Catalunya, the day has evolved into a celebration of our legendary love of literature, and every April 23, natives exchange books and roses.

In sharing this quaint and marvelous tradition, I am proud to celebrate and promote Catalan winemakers in general, whose minimal intervention wines reflect not only the diverse terroirs of the region, but the cutting-edge of the wine world. This year, I am excited to add one more high-water mark for my birthplace: Catalunya has been awarded the World Region of Gastronomy for 2025 by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts, and Tourism!

Lovers of food, wine and culture are invited to take part in the celebration of Catalan Wine Week 2024. Check out the the calendar of events below to see what events are happening in your area and how to participate.  


VISCA! (Cheers, in Catalan)